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Peninsula Hotel Richard Wilson's Hanging Bus

The Playful Peninsula Leaves Us Hanging

Walk past the famous Peninsula hotel and you might think you’ve stumbled on to the set of an action movie. A coach is precariously balancing on the edge of the hotel’s 7th Floor Sun Terrace, looking as if it could plummet to the ground at any moment.

Well don’t worry, it won’t, because the installation is brought to Hong Kong in the name of art. The stunt, the result of a 3-year collaboration between the cultural landmark and Britain’s most celebrated artist-led institution, the Royal Academy of Arts, is in celebration of the Peninsula’s status as a Grade I-listed heritage building.

Launched in the run up to Art Basel, Hong Kong, which kicks off this Sunday, the hotel will showcase the work of select artists from the Academy, as they interact with the building in unexpected, playful and meaningful ways. Renowned British sculptor Richard Wilson kicks off the first scene by featuring the replica of a twin-axel Harrington Legionnaire coach from the classic 1969 British heist caper, The Italian Job.

Cheekily titled “Hang On A Minute Lads…I’ve Got A Great Idea”, a famous line from the movie, spoken by iconic English actor Michael Caine, the artwork explores the boundaries of where sculpture ends and architecture begins. We’re certainly big fans of the idea. Anything that makes us stop in our tracks and drop our jaws in the name of art is a hit! Catch the coach in action until April 8.

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