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PHOTOS: Magic Moments in Black and White

PHOTOS: Magic Moments in Black and White

Two old men napping on a bench. A couple kissing by the harbour. Two ladies sheltering under bamboo scaffolding. Two little boys huddling under an umbrella. These are just a few scenes which beautifully capture the spirit of Hong Kong, and one man has a talent for immortalising them in black and white.

Kuala Lumpur born Paul Swee is never without his camera and loves nothing more than taking it to the streets whenever he can.

“I make sure I have my camera with me at all times!” he tells Localiiz. “There’s no particular reason why I took any of my photos. They are not for an exhibition, not for any project. But I have built a habit over the years to take pictures of things that interest me on the streets of Hong Kong. It’s the way I express myself. Telling stories from my point of view in the places that I live and in the places that I travel to.”

He shares his discoveries with us in his gorgeous new slideshow, Street Photography, Hong Kong. Set against a melancholy piano theme, you might be mistaken for taking some of these as stills from a film – well the Avengers do make a guest appearance!

“I’m from Kuala Lumpur so Hong Kong is a city very different from my hometown, with a lot more energy, so much is happening at the same time. I wasn’t so used to it at the beginning but over the years I have come to love the city, it’s my second home now.”

Explore more of Swee’s amazing photography on Flickr.

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