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PHOTOS: Chasing Light in the Dark of the Night

It is often said that life in Hong Kong moves at a million miles per hour, and now we have evidence to prove it. Just take a look at the latest collection of photography by 24-year-old Derry Ainsworth.

With a little help from his Canon 7D MK II, the architectural graduate has mastered the skill of light trail photography as he captures the towering skyscrapers, blinkering lights, and relentless flow of traffic after sunset. So what does it take to get the perfect shot?

Derry Ainsworth

“It’s about finding a balance between good looking trails, colours, and context,” he tells Localiiz. “Once I’ve picked my spot, I set the camera up on a tri-pod and drop the shutter speed. The slower the shutter speed the longer the light trails. It’s easy to point and shoot any road, but to get something interesting takes a bit of thought and, of course, patience!”

Well we certainly think it was worth the wait, judging by these amazing shots.

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Check out more of Ainsworth’s work as he unveils his new solo exhibition at Stocktons this Tuesday night. As Sol Passion Music hit the decks, he will showcase fifty of his most powerful and striking images of the city.

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