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Get Out and About with your Best Friend at the Charity PETathon


April 10th 2013: : Sign up for the charity PETathon on Sunday April 14th and enjoy a day out with your pet in the Tai Tam Country Park.


PRESS RELEASE: PETathon is a fun-packed charity event, celebrating the beautiful harmony between men and animals. While raising funds for orphans and needy children, pets and their owners can enjoy a leisurely hike with other animal lovers amidst serene surroundings.

The fun-packed PETathon will also host competitions, with great prizes going to the Most Generous Giver, Most Complemented Team, Best Costume, Most Legged-Team and many more, so come and claim your title! Registration starts at 1.30pm on Tai Tam Reservoir Road, with the hike finishing at the Tai Tam Road Exit.

All proceeds will go to the Family Anew Movement programme in Henan, China, which supports underprivileged and handicapped orphans and children. Under the Family Anew (FA) Movement, abandoned and handicapped orphans are successfully placed in carefully selected foster families from the surrounding rural communities, reconnecting them with parental love and care.

Children living in poverty have been given a chance to thrive and excel through personal tutoring and education provided by the Family Anew Movement. The aim is to remove the stigma orphans often receive in China, release them from poverty and install self-esteem, positive perspectives and sound values. To accomplish this, the charity provides character building and academic opportunities, creativite enhancement and vocational training at different stages of the childrens’ lives.

To register for the event, visit the website



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