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June 26 – July 2

FREE EVENT: Paint Me! I’m (almost) famous,
June 26 – July 2

Explore the artwork of four different contemporary French artists in this bold pop-up art exhibition which opens today in the new California Tower in the heart of LKF.

Featuring a combination of paintings and sculptures from Fox Daniels, Marcos Marin, Tehos and Artheline, the unique exhibition explores the contemporary issues of vanity, appearance and popularity while bringing French humour and sarcastic pop art into the Hong Kong art scene.

Don’t miss your chance to become (almost) famous as local caricature artist Simon Leung will be on hand from 3-6pm on Sunday to turn you into a work of art.

When: June 26 – July 2 (12pm – 10pm)

Where: 22/F, California Tower, 32 D’Aguilar Street, Central

Price: Free

For more information visit their Facebook page.

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