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Onwards and Upwards: Massive Milestones Reached at Localiiz in March

April 9th 2014

Mad March certainly lived up to its reputation here at Localiiz! We ran ourselves ragged promoting the Affordable Art Fair, sponsoring the Prudential Beach Fives, the GFI HKFC Tens and the HK Fan Zone, as well as covering the Sevens and the epic storms of March 30th. But all that hard work certainly paid off, as we’ve reached a number of impressive milestones and had tonnes of fun along the way. We’re not ones to boast, but we’d like to share a few bashful trumpet blows with you if we may:

-In the last 30 days we’ve hit a record of 189,842 site visits, of which more than 65% were new.

-We’ve just surpassed 39,000 fans on Facebook, helped in no small amount by the fact that we were one of the first media outlets to release footage of the storm as it unleashed its fury. This gained us almost 2,500 new fans in just 24 hours!

-Although we’ve still got some catching up to do on Twitter, we’ve just surpassed 2,000 followers, and our dedicated Tweeter has almost doubled visits to the site in the last month

-All this has resulted in Klout giving Localiiz a score of 71, putting us within the top 10% of social media influencers!

What this means to our fans is that more of the same awesome content will be coming your way. What this means to our beloved small businesses is that we’ll be able to bring your stories and news to a bigger audience than ever before. What this means for us is that we have to be truly thankful to all of you who continue to support us on our quest to share the best of Hong Kong with the people who love it the most. So from all the team, THANK YOU!

Onwards and upwards!

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