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No Beef! Impossible Burger Launches in Hong Kong

Calling all herbivores! We’ve seen an array of plant-based meats hit the Hong Kong restaurant scene lately, and now the revolutionary Impossible Burger is making its Hong Kong debut at Little Bao, Happy Paradise, and Beef & Liberty.

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Made from simple ingredients, including water, wheat protein, potato protein, and coconut oil, this bad boy cooks, smells, and tastes just like ground beef and certainly doesn’t lack in flavour. This eco-friendly delight is served in more than 1,400 outlets in the US, usually on a bun with traditional condiments and sides, and now Hong Kongers get to sink their teeth into it and enjoy guilt-free snacking.

Little Bao is serving the ‘Impossible Bao’, a traditional sandwich made with Impossible meat, black pepper teriyaki sauce, salted lemon kombu salad, and fermented tofu sauce, between two house-made steamed buns ($118). Meanwhile, Happy Paradise is turning up the heat with pickled daikon and XinJiang spices to create the ‘Impossible XinJiang Hot Pocket’ ($88).

The ‘Impossible Bao’ at Little Bao ($118)

Finally, Beef & Liberty is dishing up the ‘Impossible Thai Burger’, with chilli, coriander, mint, basil, spring onion, soya mayonnaise, crispy shallots, and garlic ($135). They will also feature the ‘Impossible Chili Cheese Fries’, with chili, cheddar cheese, spring onion, and sour cream ($62). Yum!

So what’s the verdict? Well, the clever Impossible scientists have discovered a special ingredient called heme, which contributes to the characteristic taste of meat when cooked — so it tastes just like the real thing! Definitely worth a try if you’re vegetarian, looking to cut back on your meat intake, or your impact on the environment.

Impossible Burger, available in Little Bao, Happy Paradise, and Beef & Liberty

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