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News in a Nutshell: November 20

Didn’t have time to read the news? No worries, we’ve got you covered with these snippets from the week gone by:

  1. Horticulture: Following a series of tragic deaths caused by falling trees, a new section to the law will make property managers more responsible for the management of trees. An expert quoted in the SCMP, predicted a “tree massacre” as nervy property managers might choose to get rid of the problem altogether. Pretty much the same way nervy government departments won’t let us run in parks, or play on beaches.
  2. Chief Executives: The Legislative Council voted down a motion to amend the anti-bribery ordinance so that it would have also included Hong Kong chief executives when it comes to asking for permission to accept advantages (yes, that’s what it says). At about the same time former chief executive Donald Tsang was back in court to answer to the misconduct case against him. What can you say?
  3. Getting rich: In the next five years the number of millionaires in Singapore versus Hong Kong will grow at a faster rate of 18.3% to our 15.6%, according to WealthInsight, providers of data on the super rich. Should we be moving to Singapore?
  4. statueCreepy men on rooftops: The Antony Gormley sculptures are causing quite a stir with people phoning the police to report what they believe to be suicidal Hong Kongers, and others finding them just plain creepy. Have your say on our Facebook post.
  5. Democracy: Voting cards were mailed to registered voters ahead of the district council elections scheduled for this Sunday. These are the first elections since Occupy, and the first without appointed seats. HKU researchers predict a higher than usual turnout as people vote to show their allegiances, even with many seats uncontested! FYI the polls open at 7:30am.
  6. It wasn’t all bad: Proving that Hong Kong football is not as bad as people say, Hong Kong drew with China in the Football World Cup qualifier held last Wednesday in Mongkok. Warned against booing the opposition, Hong Kong fans held up signs printed with the word “Boo”. Who said the Hong Kong education system stifled creativity?

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