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NEWS: Disaster Averted … with Music Video

Crisis management doesn’t usually come in the form of a song, but when one company’s plans to hold a small party in paradise got a little bit out of hand, it seemed a music video was the best way to avert disaster.

When organisers at e-commerce company PhatRice set up a small Facebook event inviting 19 people out for a picnic and product shoot at the Tai O infinity pools, they had no idea that they would wake up to see a guest list of over 1,300 the next morning.

It seemed that every “man, woman and poodle” in Hong Kong couldn’t wait for the chance to jump in the heavenly pools, which are viewed by many as a little natural paradise to escape the city. But it wasn’t long before the team started to receive posts from angry Hong Kongers demanding the event be canceled due to serious concerns about the environmental impact of a party of such scale. One local Tai O resident even threatened: “We will call the police or use our own way to block the place to avoid outsider.”

Acting quickly to divert an impending eco crisis, PhatRice not only changed the event location to Sai Wan Beach in Sai Kung after a Facebook poll, but also took the initiative to make sure that everyone got the message in the most creative way possible, through a music music entitled, ‘Don’t Go to Tai O’.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.34.37 PMPhatRice founder Anthony Lance shared, “The last week has been a roller coaster ride for us at PhatRice, seeing our eco-conscious start-up get accused for potentially creating an eco-disaster. While it was tempting to run and hide, we saw this as an opportunity to facilitate a discussion and raise awareness about respecting the environment and local communities for all those planning outdoor activities over the summer.”

While the discussion was civil for the most part, a few individuals launched vitriolic personal attacks, so we wanted to respond with a positive message. Having a positive tone is really important for facilitating a productive discussion, which is why we wanted to share a video that delivers the message about Tai O in a more light-hearted way.”

Nice save boys! The party will also come with the key component of a beach cleanup.

So don’t turn paradise into Mongkok and head to the dock on May 24.

Click here for the Facebook event.

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