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New York’s MoMA Design Store is Coming to Hong Kong

If you’re anything of an art lover – or at least, someone who can appreciate a fine piece of art – then hold on to your paintbrushes because, oh boy, do we have some exciting news for you or what?!

This August, one of the world’s most reputable – and arguably most creative — lifestyle destinations will be arriving on our shores. MoMA Design Store’s opening at K11 MUSEA will mark the Hong Kong outlet as the biggest MoMA Design Store in the whole of Asia, beating out its two other locations in Tokyo and Kyoto. Take that, Japan.


MoMA Design Store in Kyoto

In case you’re not familiar with the MoMA Design Store, this anything-but-ordinary gift shop is an extension of New York’s uber-famous Museum of Modern Art. Not only does this shopping mecca feature a wide range of innovative products inspired by some of the world’s most celebrated artists – such as Andy Warhol, Picasso, and Monet – but it also provides a platform for talented creatives from all over the globe to showcase their most ingenious design concepts. All design objects that the store carries have to go through a rigorous eight-part vetting process to ensure that every item on its shelves speaks true to MoMA’s “Good Design” ethos. A strong emphasis is placed on recognising the cultural importance of design, which has traditionally tagged behind other, more traditional mediums like paintings and sculptures.

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KAWS Pink BFF Plus | Photo credit: MoMa Design Store

So what’s special about this particular store in Hong Kong? Well, apart from being the largest MoMA Design Store in Asia – and the first to be located in China – the store will also showcase an unprecedented selection of design products and gifts exclusively developed for our city. Artists who have previously made an impressive mark on the Hong Kong arts scene, such as KAWS and Yayoi Kusama – you know, all the cool stuff you keep seeing on Instagram – will be featured prominently.

While there is no exact date for now as to when the store will open its doors to the public, you can get a head start on things by visiting the MoMA Design Store’s global online shop, and familiarise yourself with all the amazing goods on offer. We’ve got our fingers crossed for an early August opening, so be sure to watch this space and check back often for more updates!

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