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New on Netflix Hong Kong

What We’re Watching on Netflix Hong Kong this June

Header image courtesy of Ed Araquel / Netflix

Get excited to plant your bum on the sofa and break out the guacamole and chips for these new releases coming to Netflix Hong Kong in June.


Always Be My Maybe

This is it, the big one, the one the we’ve been impatiently waiting for as we devoured and dissected every single second of every trailer that has been released—Ali Wong and Randall Park’s romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe, featuring a refreshingly diverse cast and a highly-anticipated cameo by our favourite philanthropic action star, Keanu Reeves. We’re expecting lots of laughs, a healthy amount of cringe, and unrelenting banter.

As for the story, childhood friends and sweethearts Sasha and Marcus fall out and reconnect 15 years later, when Sasha, now a celebrity chef, returns to their shared hometown of San Francisco to open a new restaurant. She runs into Marcus, a struggling musician, who still lives at home and works for his dad. Old sparks of attraction fly, but struggle to adapt to each other’s differing socioeconomic situations. Available on May 31

Black Mirror (Season 5)

Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones return this June with the fifth instalment of eerily-accurate dystopian series Black Mirror, featuring a stunning cast packed with the likes of Andrew Scott of Sherlock, Anthony Mackie and Pom Klementieff of Marvel fame, and… Miley Cyrus? Well, if it works. After the success of interactive film Bandersnatch, we are expecting a similar calibre of truly unsettling topics and circumstances to be explored in this season. Three episodes are scheduled to be aired with the initial release, with the rest debuting at a later date. Available on June 5

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The Chef Show

Writer and director Jon Favreau goes for gold with his sophomore food-centric feature, The Chef Show. Following up on the success of his 2014 film Chef, this latest series follows Favreau as he reunites with chef Roy Choi (of popular Korean taco truck Kogi) for an adventurous whirl in the kitchen, filled with recipe experimentation, exploration of cooking techniques, and trough-loads of mouthwatering foods.

Marvel’s Avengers fans will delight at the cameos that include directors Anthony and Joe Russo, Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland, and Gwyneth Paltrow, whilst fine dining lovers get a taste of famed culinary figures like Andrew Rea of Binging with Babish, Momofuku’s David Chang, and James Beard-winning barbeque pitmaster Aaron Franklin. Available on June 7

Designated Survivor (Season 3)

David Guggenheim’s American political thriller returns for a third season this June, after a heroic save by Netflix when ABC dropped the series. Designated Survivor follows Kiefer Sutherland’s Tom Kirkman, a lowly cabinet member who is propelled to the position of President of the United States after a terrorist attack wipes out everyone ahead of him in the presidential line of succession, leaving him as the highest-ranking politician in America. In season three, we follow Kirkman as he struggles with his re-election, the criticism faces as an inexperienced politician, as well as the political realities of campaigning in the digital age—riveting plotlines and spectacular performances galore. Available on June 7

Jo Koy: Comin’ in Hot

Filipino-American stand-up comic Jo Koy is back with a brand-new Netflix special. Taking centre stage in Hawaii, he shares his thoughts on unfiltered fatherhood, island life, and ethnicity, pulling inspiration from his own family. With highly-rated original comedy specials under his belt—including 2017 Netflix original Live from Seattle and three stand-up appearances on Comedy Central—we’re strapping ourselves in for what is going to be a rollercoaster of infectious, side-splitting laughs. Watch this clip from Live from Seattle for a taste of what’s to come. Available on June 12

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Netflix enters the hip-hop genre with their new original film, Beats. Starring Anthony Anderson (Black-ish), Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black), and newcomer Khalil Everage, we follow a down-and-out high school security guard as he befriends a troubled, teenage musical prodigy. Forming a bond over their love for hip-hop music, they try to make a mark on Chicago’s music scene. This touching coming-of-age tale directed by Chris Robinson pays homage to Chicago’s south side and its rich musical culture while attempting to tackle the city’s complicated history of gang violence and police brutality towards the African American community. Available on June 19

The Edge of Democracy

As democracy finds itself in crisis, follow filmmaker Petra Costa as she explores one of the most tumultuous periods in Brazilian history. As the global political climate tilts to the right, Brazil, too, submits to the ultra-conservative, oppressive takeover of new president Jair Bolsonaro. This Sundance-featured documentary seeks to answer what has led her country to this far-right regime, and the chain of events that has led to the polarisation of Brazil. Available on June 19

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