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A New Localiiz Experience…

At Localiiz, we set out to be the voice of Hong Kong. When we launched just a little over two years ago, that meant spotlighting local businesses that were unable to create their own online presence. A year ago we began sharing stories from some of our city’s most engaging personalities, providing them a platform to discuss ideas, build a network of supporters, and even launch careers.

This year we are working to improve your Localiiz experience. Starting today you will notice that our article pages have a different look and feel. In the upcoming months we plan to introduce a new homepage and craft more informative business pages for the advertisers that help us keep our lights on.

There may be a few bumps in the road as we shape the new Localiiz and we hope you will enjoy the result. As always, we want to hear from you, whether you have a story to share or an idea for the site. After all, we are your voice.

You can reach us through email: hello@localiiz.com or by direct message on our Facebook or Twitter platforms.

Brian Adams
Managing Editor, Localiiz.com

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