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New Documentary Tackles Hong Kong’s Devastating Plastic Waste Crisis

Estimated to throw away a whopping 5.2 million plastic bottles everyday, Hong Kong’s waste consumption is overwhelming to say the least. On a mission to shed light on the devastating issue, and drive the city’s residents to take action to reduce the use of plastic, award-winning film duo Photo Escapes, has teamed up with EcoDrive, a non-profit organisation creating progressive action, to uncover the shocking truth in a new documentary.

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No four words convey the message more clearly than EcoDrive’s tagline and the title of the documentary, “Start Small, Start Now”. Shooting over the course of ten days, Matthew Williams-Ellis and John Alexander – also known as Photo Escapes – made their journey around Hong Kong and witnessed first-hand the astonishing amount of plastic waste that is being carelessly thrown into the ocean and eventually washed up onto its shores.

During filming, the crew discovered the high volume of single-use plastic the food and beverage industry throws away each and every day, met with environmental groups and individuals who are doing all they can to help tackle the problem, and show us how we, as Hong Kongers, can help too.

It may be something as small as a decision to not use a plastic straw at the 7-Eleven, or simply carrying a reusable water bottle or coffee mug with you wherever you go, but if all efforts are put together, we can make a huge difference that can change the over-polluted city that we live in.

If you want to do your part in helping to reduce plastic waste in Hong Kong, be sure to follow EcoDrive’s Facebook page for all the latest news on how you can help. And if you want to check out more of Photo Escapes’ captivating work, head to their website to see more.

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