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Neon Street Sign Exhibition In North Point

One of the most defining aspects of a city is its streetscapes, and few things are more quintessentially Hong Kong than neon street signs. Yet sadly, the once prolific iconic signboards are slowly being taken down because of safety concerns. To raise awareness of this issue, a neon street sign exhibition has popped up in North Point from now to May 10, showcasing Hong Kong’s visual culture.

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The light installation at Oil Street Art Space, Sign City, recalls Hong Kong’s disappearing signboard streetscape environment with rescued signboards from the streets. Their goal is to reveal the intrinsic significance of neon signs to our city and promote preservation of signboard heritage.

The exhibition is held inside a mirrored room that’s lit by neon signs from old saunas, restaurants, and more. Visitors are free to take photos and participate in the signature projection workshop, Play to Change, where participants can design their own signboards, and watch it come to life through the projector, as well as learn more about the features of Hong Kong signboards.

Entrance is free, so you have no excuse not to head there your next day off, if not to learn more about Hong Kong’s visual culture, then at least to snap an insta-worthy photo to brighten up your feed!

Oil Street Art Space, 12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong

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