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Navigate the City in Style with Pick Me Up


Travelling in a big group can be tough in Hong Kong, especially if you have luggage to lug and a tight schedule to stick to. If a normal red cab just isn’t big enough and you don’t fancy battling through the crowds on the MTR, new Hong Kong transportation gurus Pick Me Up could be just the ticket.

With a three-car fleet of seven-seater people carriers, each with plenty of room for bags, Pick Me Up can deliver even the most bulky of broods to their destination on time. The company specialises in airport transfers, but can also be called upon to provide a streamlined sightseeing tour, allowing larger groups to cover more ground and avoid the hassle of public transport.

What’s more, Pick Me Up also provides guidance and assistance for those needing to navigate the ever-confusing and time consuming world of Hong Kong Visa & Immigrations. The expert advisors can handle of a variety of visa issues, taking the paperwork and endless queuing out of the equation.

So next time the family needs to move en masse or you have visitors in town, let Pick Me Up handle the logistics and navigate the city in style.

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