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How To: Lose Weight in 6 Steps

Dr. Ardyce Yik

Dr. Ardyce Yik


With Movember in full swing, our attention turns to living healthier and more active lifestyles, of which diet is a key player. To help you make some positive changes and get in better shape, we get some savvy tips from Dr. Ardyce Yik (ND), Registered Naturopathic Doctor at Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI).

Good nutrition is one of the building blocks of health. Not only is diet important in giving us nourishment and energy, but it can also help to prevent disease. When we embark on a weight loss regime, we need to remember not to compromise the nutrient content in our diet. To start, try these simple tips.

6 steps for effective weight loss:

    1. Have eggs (or some form of protein) for breakfast. Having protein for breakfast will keep you energized and full for a longer period of time. One particular study showed that replacing a carbohydrate-based breakfast with eggs reduces caloric intake (i.e. you eat fewer calories) for the next 36 hours.
    2. Drink smart. Alcoholic drinks are high in calories (alcohol has 7 calories per gram, whereas carbohydrates only have 4) so try drinking water between alcoholic drinks to reduce the total caloric intake in one sitting. You can also choose a lighter alcohol alternative such as a spritzer using carbonated water or cut back on the alcohol altogether.
    3. Use small(er) plates. The larger your plate, the more you will likely put on it.
    4. Avoid keeping junk food at home (or at your desk). According to a study from Cornell University, secretaries who kept candy at their desk ate around 48 percent more than when the candy was kept farther away. Out of sight, out of mind!
    5. Don’t forget the aerobic (cardio) exercise! Aerobic exercise is an excellent way to burn calories and is particularly effective in losing abdominal/ belly fat – the unhealthy fat that tends to cause metabolic disease.
    6. Drink green tea. This is packed with powerful antioxidants called catechins, which work synergistically with the caffeine to enhance fat metabolism.

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