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Restaurant Review: Morton’s Steakhouse

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a big, juicy piece of steak when your carnivorous cravings are calling, but there’s nothing more disappointing than getting a duff one. Fear not, because our resident foodie lolleroll has done her homework to find you the the best cuts in Hong Kong.

When asking for the best steakhouse in Hong Kong, Morton’s Steakhouse or Intercontinental’s Steakhouse + Winebar Grill will almost always be the answer you get – and one that I completely agree with too. Both places serve excellent quality USDA rib eye steaks for around the same price, and I struggle to decide which place wins the “Best Steak in Hong Kong” title.

That said, Morton’s wins my heart over a little because of it’s steak execution and irresistible desserts.

Steaks Paired with Cocktails

Pink Tonic

Wine is always the go-to drink for any steak dinner, but at this special event, we paired the food with cocktails and the results were surprisingly good. Pink Tonic and Asarita were my favourites.

Chilled Morton’s Prime Ocean Platter for Four – $990

Prime Ocean Platter (for 3-4 people)

This platter can be ordered for two to six people and this was the four people portion. The majority thought the Alaskan King Crab Leg was the highlight of the platter, but for me, both the Oyster and Maine Lobster were extremely fresh and juicy, being my favourite instead.

The platter was paired with Pink Tonic, a lemongrass and grapefruit twist to the usual gin & tonic, and I’d say this was the best cocktail match of the night. The cocktail was refreshing and only a tad fruity. The lightness of the drink made for a great complement to the fresh seafood. Great to start with!

Chilean Sea Bass Fillet – $425

Chilean Sea Bass Fillet

If you’re here to treat your partner to excellent steak, but not feeling too carnivorous yourself, Morton’s also serve a range of Signature Items which stray away from beef. The sea bass is a highly recommended option. It’s cooked perfectly, with super soft and juicy centre.

The sea bass was paired with a Pineapple Zinger cocktail and I personally loved this cocktail very much. It was full of flavour and had an interesting twist to it. Pineapple, orange and lime seemed to make the base of the drink, but there’s also a tad of ginger in there to create that “interesting” element. I know that ginger is not exactly the most popular ingredient, so this drink is probably not for the masses.

Pineapple Zinger – Pineapple infused vodka with hints of orange, lime and ginger

Signature Cut Prime New York Strip (20oz) – $668

Signature Cut Prime New York Strip (20oz) cooked to medium rare

I don’t order this cut very often myself, but it was definitely good quality with good meat flavour. The execution of the steak is unparalleled at Moreton’s. It was cooked to medium rare, retained a very tender, juicy texture, and the outer edges were perfectly charred.

Orange Old Fashion was the cocktail paired with this steak. The pairing was decent but it was very alcholic-ly and strong, and I’m really not a fan of Bourbon.

Cajun Ribeye Steak (16oz) – $678

Cajun Ribeye Steak (16oz) cooked to medium rare

Ribeye is my personal favourite cut of steak because of its sufficient, yet not overwhelming, amount of fat, which usually translates into a strong beef flavour (stronger than the New York Strip). The Cajun Ribeye Steak is a relatively unique option on Morton’s menu.

I usually prefer my steak plain and natural, but the cajun flavouring was not intense at all. In fact, it acts as an interesting substitute to the usual salt seasoning. It’s a good option if you’re feeling adventurous but of course, they also serve Centre-cut Prime Rib Eye for $658 (without the cajun) which to be honest, is still my preferred choice.

Asarita – Silver Tequila and Triple Sec, with strong cucumber, lime and coriander flavours with a hint of jalapeno pepper aftertaste

The cocktail paired with this steak was the Asarita, unsurprisingly a friend of the margarita. This was my second favourite cocktail of the night (after Pink Tonic) and also paired very well with the Cajun steak.

The Asarita had refreshing hints of cucumber, lime and coriander (love that combo!) with a very mild Jalapeno pepper twist to it too. The drink was not light at all, which is why it suited the relatively heavy-tasting Cajun steak. It’s definitely a viable contender to the usual red wine pairing.

Double Chocolate Mousse – $110

Double Chocolate Mousse

Morton’s Steakhouse serves a wide range of traditional desserts which are classic and delicious. They keep it simple and I like that! The chocolate mousse was thick, intensely chocolate-y and not very sweet. Plus, I think the prices are reasonable, considering the portions. But after a steak meal, you’d probably want to share this between two! They also make an excellent Key Lime Pie for $110, which I featured as one of the 8 Best Lemon Tarts in Hong Kong.

The Verdict!

In a city where innovation is key to attracting fickle customers, Morton’s Steakhouse attracts me even more by doing the classic right. It is undeniably one of the top steakhouses in Hong Kong. They source excellent quality steaks and execute them well, and the menu is classic with prices that are reasonable for what you get (big portions, good quality).

I still think red wine goes best with steaks, but the Pink Tonic and Pineapple Zinger are great to accompany the starters, and I’d happily replace my white wine with these refreshing cocktails! If you do decide to forego the red wine, the Asarita is an excellent drink to go with mains.

Spend per person: $800-1,000 (without alcoholic drinks)

Moreton’s Steakhouse, 4/F The Sheraton Hotel & Towers, 20 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, (+852) 2732 2343

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