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Money, Money, Money – Take a Look at Vintage Hong Kong Notes

August 13th 2014

Hong Kong and wealth go together like Shen Zhen and tailors, they’re inseparable and people will travel great distances for each. Yet in this age of plastic payment and ATM transfers, how often do we look at the notes we use in the markets or to pay the taxi driver? Our currency is fancily designed with bright hues and at times apparently indestructible – honestly, who else has a 10 dollar note you can’t rip in two? Prior to our un-rippable money, Hong Kong’s currency looked significantly different to what we use today – we even had a one dollar note!

Curious to see what these vintage bills looked like? We’ve uncovered a treasure chest that is a treat for the eyes. Click through to see them all!

Photo Credit: Facebook Via Pinterest User Fiona Yu




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