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Kino Kokonuzz

The Minibus From Hell

Who needs an Ocean Park white-knuckle ride when you can just jump on a minibus? This is the concept behind the hilarious new adventure of our porky pal Kino, from the creative team at Kokonuzz. Founder and Creative Director, Alexis Bautista thinks riding the minibus “from hell” could even be considered one of the most extreme sports in Hong Kong and here’s why.

Alexis Bautista, Kokonuzz

We believe almost all Hong Kongers have experienced the craziness of riding the red minibus, especially in trips to New Territories or the south of Hong Kong Island. It’s kind of like driving a Formula 1 racing car, with constant acceleration and deceleration and crazy turns at high speed!
Kokonuzz and Kino
I personally have felt sick after many of those trips, so it was not difficult to select this experience as one of the top extreme activities in Hong Kong. We hope people will relate to that and share with their experience with their friends. Basically this is part of the thrill of living in Hong Kong. Enjoy the ride!


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