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Mid-Level Escalator Services to be Suspended During Refurbishments

Pedestrian commutes between Central and the Mid-levels will include a few hurdles for commuters trekking up and down Hong Kong’s hills for several years to come according to our city’s Transport Department. According to a flyer handed out among businesses and residences along the Central to Mid-levels Escalator and Walkway route, refurbishments to the system will be done in three stages set to be completed as early as 2017 and running until 2023.

The flyer (slightly wrinkled below from our mailbox) also lists several public consultation forums with the first scheduled for March 27 at 7:45pm in Sheung Wan. Residents can also contact the department via email.

Escalators 1

The three stages of the refurbishment will address multiple sections of the system with tentative completion dates scheduled.

Escalators 2

The system first opened in 1993 to connect Des Voeux Road Central with Conduit Road in the Mid-levels. The refurbishments will include 3 travelators and 18 escalators.

Escaltors 3

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