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MAKEUP TIPS: How To Bring Out Your Inner “Glamour Ghoul”

Nigar Qureshi

Dressing up for Halloween is one of the highlights of the year, with people sometimes spending thousands of dollars on costumes and makeup. Celebrity makeup artist Nigar Qureshi and the talented team at Spa BPZ may be better known for wedding makeup services, but all that changes when Halloween approaches. We get the lowdown on the latest Halloween looks from the spa’s owner, Nigar Qureshi.

LOCALIIZ: What’s the most popular makeup look for Halloween?

QURESHI: Men usually like to be as scary as possible, perhaps so they won’t be recognised, but women still want to look sexy or elegant so we usually end up doing Cleopatra or the Dutch Milk Lady for them. Other popular characters are Angelina Jolie or Diana Ross. We do get some humorous requests. Once a client came in with a photo of her dog and a request for us to make her look the same. I think we did an excellent job and the photos of her and her dog together were amazing.

LOCALIIZ: Which takes longer, wedding or Halloween makeup?

QURESHI: We do wedding makeup on a daily basis so we can do that quite quickly, but Halloween comes just once a year and it does require our more creative skills so it does take longer.

LOCALIIZ: Do you use prosthetics, putty, or special makeup?

QURESHI: We can use putty or prosthetics, for example for a witch’s nose, or textured skin. Importantly, we use quality makeup because Halloween makeup is usually a lot heavier than daily makeup, and of course men’s skin may not be used to it at all, so we don’t want to cause irritation. If you are doing this at home be particularly careful. People sometimes use watercolour paint and I’ve had to treat people who have come in after Halloween with quite sore skin.

LOCALIIZ: After all the effort of getting your makeup done, how can you stop it smudging?

QURESHI: Some people recommend spraying your face with hairspray to set your makeup, but this is definitely not something I would recommend. I suggest using waterproof makeup and lots of powder, and then touching up during the evening.

LOCALIIZ: Any tips for preventing breakouts after Halloween?

QURESHI: The big tip here is to exfoliate the next day. For clients, I also suggest that they apply their usual face cream before we apply the makeup so this forms a barrier. I also provide clients with a simple regime that they can follow.

There’s still time to bring out your inner glamour Ghoul? Call 2524 1272 or 9364 5271 to book your spooky makeup session now and receive a special discount (pay only $790 / original price $1,490) if you mention “Localiiz”. Click here for more information.

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