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Localiiz Property Picks: Residential Buildings for Architecture Lovers

You don’t have to be an expert to appreciate the beauty of Hong Kong’s architecture — from a towering skyscraper to a 100-year-old structure filled with culture and history, our city has it all. Whether you like to admire buildings from afar or prefer to get up and close to see every design detail, these eye-catching, artistic, and super Instagram-worthy buildings allow you to explore Hong Kong from a whole new perspective.

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Opus Hong Kong, Mid-levels

  • Completed in 2012
  • Architect: Frank Gehry

From the world-famous Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, to the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, Frank Gehry has produced some of the world’s most influential and iconic buildings, one of them of course being our city’s very own Opus Hong Kong. As Gehry’s first major project in Asia, this 20-storey residential building draws its inspiration from the breathtaking scenery surrounding the site. With glass columns twisting up and around the building, not only does it give a delicacy to the building’s façade, but its twists and turns also give each apartment a unique floor plan and a striking panoramic view looking out onto the city below.

Contact: Executive Homes

THR350, Happy Valley

  • Completed in 2012
  • Architect: Aedas

Tucked away against the lush hillside of Happy Valley, THR350 is a nine-storey high building designed to house a modern art collector and his family, with every floor separated into an apartment-like structure to give privacy to each family member as well as guests. Intricately designed, the building’s stand-out façade features three stacking ice cubes where the staircases create a sense of drama and chaos for its art-loving residents. From the inside to the outside, this work of art is truly one-of-a-kind.

23 – 29 Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley

  • Completed in 2014
  • Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox

Perched along the slopes of Happy Valley’s hillside, the nine luxury houses of 23 – 29 Blue Pool Road strike a contrast to the typical residential buildings of Hong Kong. Inspired by traditional Chinese folding elements such as the folding screens, the Great Wall, and the dragon dance, each unit combines to give the overall project a rigid, and robot-like façade. To balance out the project, vertical gardens and rooftop gardens help to bring a hint of warmth to the overall unit.

Contact: Hang Lung

Tung Fat Building, Kennedy Town

  • Architect: MAP Architecture & Planning Limited

Sitting on the waterfront of up-and-coming Kennedy Town, Tung Fat Building is a refurbished “Tong Lau” (a traditional walk-up tenement building) that has been transformed into a stack of retro-chic, New York loft-style serviced apartments. With a minimalist façade, the building is able to breathe new life into the building as well as its neighbourhood without causing disruption to the building’s traditional elements and original architectural heritage.

Contact: Squarefoot

The Chopsticks, Happy Valley

  • Completed in 2001 (The Summit) & 2003 (Highcliff)
  • Architect: DLN Architects & Engineers

Known as “The Chopsticks of Hong Kong, The Summit and Highcliff are dubbed as two of the tallest residential buildings in the city. The tall and slender structure of the pair sits on a unique site along Happy Valley’s hillside, where lower floors are given an unobstructed view of the city and harbour, while upper floors have a scenic view of the South China Sea and outlying islands beyond the hills.

Contact: Executive Homes

ACTS Redneaxela, SoHo

  • Completed in 2011
  • Architect: Gary Chang (EDGE Design Institute)

Serving beyond the usual architecture aesthetic of Hong Kong’s skyline, ACTS Rednaxela redefines the standard of compact living and is one of the most distinctive and unique buildings in the city’s urban landscape. Black with a hint of electric orange, this contemporary masterpiece adds a burst of colour into our densely-packed concrete jungle.

Contact: HohoJo

The Repulse Bay

  • Completed in 1989

If you’ve ever been down to Repulse Bay, then chances are you’ve already been wowed by the unmistakably iconic residential building making its statement by the waterfront. Built on the site of what was once Hong Kong’s famous Repulse Bay Hotel, this residential structure is renowned for its elegant British architecture and feng shui design which features a “dragon hole” to allow the mythical beast to pass from the mountains to the sea. From numerous restaurants down to the names of each residential tower, there’s an essence of history and culture around every corner.

Contact: Executive Homes

 Mount Parker Residences, Quarry Bay

  • Completed in 2014
  • Architect: Arquitectonica

Floating on a bed of greenery, Mount Parker Residences is a unique residential building that with its fluidity and streamline shape, holds a remarkable contrast to its surrounding neighbourhood in Quarry Bay. Set against the backdrop of Mount Parker, the apartments offer spectacular views of the harbour, surrounding parkland, and the city skyline.

Contact: GoHome

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