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Lighting Up The Dark Side – Art Basel to Bathe Kowloon in Neon


It’s time for Hong Kong’s ‘Dark Side’ to have its moment as the brightest star of the territory. Art Basel will be making its mark on our city from May 15th – 18th, and clearly isn’t shunning the oft-ignored Kowloon. The show will see two of Kowloon’s most iconic buildings graced with large-scale light installations by of two of the world’s most famous artists!

British artist Tracy Emin’s neon piece ‘My Heart Is With You Always’ will be projected onto the Peninsula Hotel, while German artist Carsten Nicolai will take control of the light show at the ICC with ‘Alpha Pulse’. The app that accompanies Nicolai’s installation will allow viewers to sync up the flashing façade with an hour-long electronic track via their camera phones.

Perhaps these installations will persuade the government to extend lifeline of our city’s neon signs?

So throw caution to the wind and head over to the Dark Side on one of these nights – it’ll be much brighter than you think! If you’re too scared to make the trek however, both of these installations will also visible from Hong Kong Island.

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