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Legendary Lantau Cow Billy Found Dead with a Stomach Full of Plastic

Legendary Lantau cow, Billy, was found dead several days ago, with the necropsy revealing more than two rubbish bag’s worth of plastic in his digestive system. The shocking revelation is a harrowing reminder of the city’s horrifying plastic waste crisis.

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The eight-year-old bovine was somewhat of a local celebrity in Pui O, after being nursed back to health as a calf by vets and Lantau residents, following an attack by dogs on the island.

In recent years, the friendly cow became known for hanging out with a buffalo herd and cosying up to tourists who frequented the beach and the neighbouring campsite. Sadly, Billy’s innate curiosity meant that he got into the habit of being fed by visitors, thus leading to his tragic death, due to him mistaking plastic bags for human food.

In a Facebook post announcing the sad news, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department claims that the change in Billy’s eating habits lead to indigestion and intestinal obstruction, and ultimately his passing.

Along with the harrowing news earlier this month, regarding the death of a sperm whale that died off the shore of Sulawesi in east Indonesia after swallowing more than one thousand pieces of plastic waste in the sea, the question must be asked – just how many more animals have to pay for our mistakes until something is done? Rest in peace, Billy.

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