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Take Action Against Lai See Packet Waste!

Lai see envelopes are great – they’re fun to give and receive and they’re a cultural staple of where we live. The only thing that’s bad about them is the semantics of how they’re created and disposed of. Around 320 million lai see envelopes are handed out every year, amounting to around 16,300 trees. Considering that the majority of these end up in landfill, it’s some pretty damning statistics. We’re not here to judge, we use and discard the packets the same way as everyone else does, but an alternative would be just great right?

Enter Greeners Action. The group have set up lai see collection points at more than 500 locations throughout the city in a bid to encourage people to recycle their old packets – everywhere from malls, hospitals, Jockey Club betting shops, banks, and residential estates will have them so you’re never likely to be too far away from one. Considering that the city’s daily paper waste increased by 11.7 percent last year, we all need to do our bit.

For more information, click here (note that the website is in Chinese. Google’s attempt to translate it is almost legible. Kind of.)

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