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Keep it Green: 4 Ways to be Sustainable After Chinese New Year

With Chinese New Year celebrations coming to an end, most of us are left with stacks of red packets, an overstocked pantry filled with all sorts of festive food, and unwanted junk cleared out from spring cleaning. And while you could just chuck this all in the trash, it’s just as easy to donate your unwanted goodies for a meaningful cause. Here are four quick and easy ways to recycle and donate all your festive leftovers.

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1. Toys and Stationery

For those looking to get rid of toys and stationery, Green Toysland has partnered up with Hong Kong’s latest innovative co-working space, YoofHex, to encourage recycling, promote environmental protection, and spread happiness to underprivileged children and families around Hong Kong. Donations can be dropped off at YoofHex’s Causeway Bay location, where each week volunteers from Green Toysland will collect and distribute the donations to lower-income families, communities in need, as well as different local NGOs.

What you can donate: Stationery and toys for 5 years old and above (toddler toys, soft toys, and books will not be accepted).
Collection period: Until April 30, (Mon to Fri: 9am – 6pm)
Collection point: YoofHex, 15/F, East Exchange Tower, 38 Leighton Hill Road, Causeway Bay, (+852) 9862 8284

2. Food

As a tradition, many people buy gifts for their family and friends when visiting them during Chinese New Year. And while it’s nice to share goodies, this also means that many people end up with way too many boxes of cookies, sticky rice cakes, and other festive food at home. Instead of letting them sit and go bad, why not donate them to one of these local NGOs:

Food Grace
Collection period: Until March 31
Collection point: Locations vary

The Conservancy Association
Collection period: Until February 28
Collection point: Locations vary

Collection period: Until March 8
Collection point: Locations vary

What you can donate: Unopened festive dry goods before expiry date, this includes sticky rice cakes, radish cakes, dry seafood, canned goods, noodles, and biscuits etc.

3. Red Packets

Did you know that Hongkongers use up to 3.2 million red packets every year? That’s roughly 16,300 trees! Calling for the public to help save the environment, Greeners Action’s annual Lai See Packet Recycle and Reuse Programme invites all to recycle their used red packets at specific collection points around the city. All red packets collected will be sorted and carefully processed, ready for distribution before the next Chinese New Year.

What you can donate: Used red packets in good condition (ones with scribbles, names, tears, or are time-specific will not be accepted).
Collection period: Until February 26
Collection point: Locations vary

4. Clothes

For those who actually went through the gruelling task of decluttering their wardrobe for spring cleaning, there are a number of places to donate unwanted clothes. For convenience, you can head to any H&M, Zara, or Uniqlo to donate your items, and H&M even offers a 10 percent discount for every bag that you donate (each person can donate up to two bags per day). Apart from high street stores, you can also make donations to other alternatives such as Retykle, where you can drop off clothes that your little ones have outgrown and turn them into cash or store credit. Of course, there are also numerous charities and local NGOs such as Redress and the Hong Kong Salvation Army that welcome clothing donations all year round.

Read more! Find out Where to Donate Unwanted Books, Clothes, and Other Items, or explore our Environment section on Localiiz.

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