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It’s Zero Waste Week: Will You Take the Pledge?

Is your kitchen cupboard bursting with plastic bags and empty water bottles? Do you feel a little pang of guilt each time you throw out your unused plastic cutlery from your take-away? Well now’s your chance to put a stop to those naughty habits and make some positive changes for Zero Waste Week.

The week long campaign is a citywide challenge urging Hong Kongers to take joint responsibility in sending less waste to the landfill for the week of June 7-14. Whether we choose to start taking a non-disposable shopping bag each time we hit the supermarket or saying “no” to plastic straws when we’re in the pub, we can all do our part to make a difference and that goes for our workplaces too, be it offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, wherever.

So what can you give up this week and beyond? When you’re ready, simply visit the campaign page and enter your pledge.

It’s time to kick those bad habits, and you’ll feel a whole lot better for it!

Take the Pledge Today!

Don’t miss the first annual Zero Waste Global Summit on June 11. The can’t miss event for business professionals who wish to decrease their negative impact on the environment will feature over 20 international and local expert speakers who will present seminars, panel discussions and action-oriented workshops to give attendees tangible solutions and actionable items to confidently set goals and timelines to reduce waste. A limited number of tickets are now available through Ecozine and Eventbrite.

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