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How To Wear Denim in the Heat without Sabotaging Your Style

Have a long-term love affair with denim, but can’t bear the thought of wearing it in the Hong Kong heat. Fear not, because personal Stylist Rosa Wong of Style-Proud is here to tell us how to rock it right this summer.

Being a denim devotee, jeans remain a staple in my wardrobe, and I can’t imagine wearing anything different in my 30 + years in Australia. However, the issue of global warming has definitely changed the game of dressing and now that I’m based in Hong Kong, putting up with the unbearable heat and humidity throughout the year means the last thing I want on my skin is the traditional denim jeans or jacket.

That said, no woman should suffer for her look when it’s this hot outside, and I do believe that we can still rock denim this summer with a bit of creativity, boldness, and an open mind to a new style!

Here are some simple tips to make it happen:

Image used by writer for style guide purposes only.

1. When it comes to wearing denim in the hotter months, we have an array of choices on offer including LIGHT WEIGHT denim shirts, denim dresses, cropped jeans, broken-in flares, distressed jeans with holes that naturally provide some much needed ventilation (pictured left). The gist is to look for a lower fabric weight that breathes.

2. Aim for jeans which are made from fabric as light as your chambray shirt, and go for 8 to 12 oz which won’t make you sweat your butt off!

3. Summer is not the time for stretch denim or skinny jeans, as you will want a looser, breezier fit that allows airflow, so go for a pair of well-washed, broken-in (i.e. not raw or dry), less than 12 oz denim jeans if you can’t give them up this summer.

How To Wear Denim
Image used by writer for style guide purposes only.

4. Just to make it clear, jeans and denim are not one and the same. While denim refers to a fabric, jeans refer to a style of trousers. Hence there is an unlimited outfit combination you can create while rocking your denim in style, even in Hong Kong.

Here are some suggestions if you are looking for inspiration:

(Images used by writer for style guide purposes only.)

To take the denim look further, aside from wearing it as a garment, accessorising is the next best thing to keep your denim style in check. I’m personally a big fan of denim and spend quite a lot on accessories to complete the look. I would suggest looking at the following as a replacement to donning a denim outfit:

(Images used by writer for style guide purposes only.)

Get to know Rosa and visit her online boutique shop for your summer outfit combinations. Keep your eyes peeled for new stock coming soon.

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