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How To: Overcome Jet Lag

Jennifer Thompson

So you’ve booked your flight, researched hotels, and chosen a few local sites to see, but have you made a plan to overcome jet lag and stay healthy while travelling? We get some top tips from certified iridologist and nutritional health coach Jennifer Thompson to help you out.

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Be gentle with the body during travel and you can minimise the effects of jet lag naturally. Frequent flyers know how hard it can be to adjust to local times after a long flight. The body is sensitive to the earth’s magnetic pull.

As Dr. Gabriel Cousins says, “Moving through time zones and magnetic lines causes a cellular confusion that manifests as the body’s homeostasis begins to shift into the new time frame and rhythm.” That cellular confusion is what makes you feel jet lag, but here are some tips to help minimise its effects.

1. Avoid all alcohol the day before and during flights

Reducing the amount of toxins and free radicals in the body will automatically help. If you have the tendency to feel stressed or fearful while on airplanes, opt for option 4 (below) instead of having an alcoholic drink. Alcohol is also a diuretic, which means you will become even more dehydrated after travelling at high altitude on a dry plane. Your skin and kidneys don’t need that!

2. Fast on herbal teas or eat only fresh fruit on your journey

Bring your own dried herbal teas and ask for hot water during the flight. Carry a few oranges or other fresh fruits to enjoy. Opening an orange mid-flight is a great natural way to freshen up the stale plane air as well! You are permitted to take fresh fruit on a plane as long as you eat it before your destination. I’ve taken fruit on every flight from nearly every airline to many countries, and I’ve never been refused. Fasting is the perfect way to recharge and renew on a cellular level, so can you see how it would help with jet lag? Makes sense!

3. Avoid all airplane food!

Airplane food is processed food, full of salt, chemical additives, and colorings and preserved to still look fresh by the time it gets to your seat. Even if it’s a lacto-ovo vegan meal, it’s not a healthy meal. Airplane food can make you feel bloated, tired, constipated, and sick on its own – not a good thing to add to time zone stress! If you have felt puffy or bloated after long flights in the past, it could have been the food. Food additives, salt, and hidden sugars in food can create inflammation, so these are especially important to avoid while travelling on planes through several time zones.

4. Try Kava Kava capsules for sleeping or relaxing on long flights

Kava is native to the Pacific Islands and has natural relaxing qualities as well as mood-elevating and pain-relieving effects. Take three to four capsules when you get on board and sit back for a healthy, relaxing flight. I suggest using Kava for a long flight to help relieve tension and promote natural relaxation while travelling. Taking these capsules is perfectly safe and it’s a natural, non-dedyhrating, non-free-radical forming solution for the body. With regards to some people’s worry that Kava is harmful to the liver, please note that Kava is not meant to be taken for more than 30 days continually because it can be habit-forming. That said, so can alcohol – but no one seems to worry about that!

5. Eat only fresh raw fruits for the first day upon arrival

Eat fruits such as apple, pineapple, mango, pear or papaya. Add berries for more anti-oxidants to help reduce free-radical damage from low-oxygen airplane air. Eating raw food for one day is a gentle, easy cleanse and a great way to get your colon re-adjusted to the new time zone as well. Dried fruits are dehydrated and the body will already be dehydrated after a long flight, so for the first day, fresh is best.

Your travels can actually become a new avenue to discover more about raw food, natural healing, and healthy living – so enjoy it. Bon voyage!

Learn more about Thompson on her website HealthyBliss.net.

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