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‘Hope’ the Dolphin Dies in Captivity

Hope, the injured dolphin who captured Hong Kong’s headlines and hearts since being sited off Lantau Island last month, was euthanised this morning. The dolphin’s horrific injuries, thought to be caused by a boat’s propeller, included lacerations so deep that several vertebrate were exposed.

Over the past few weeks, Hope became the central figure in a debate over whether to allow him to heal in the wild or receive care from veterinarians. Hope passed away at Ocean Park after being captured last Friday following multiple failed attempts.

Gary Stokes, the director for South East Asia at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, posted the news to Facebook earlier today.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 1.39.46 pm

Following Hope’s capture, Stokes posted the following video online, showing the extent of the dolphin’s injuries.

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