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Hong Kong Tattoo Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram

Header image courtesy of @mirmandainks

Whether you’re itching to get another tat, or you just want to dream about the potential of maybe, possibly, one day getting body art, we’re here to help. Hong Kong is stocked with extremely talented tattoo artists, and with just the scroll of your thumb, you can pick up some inspiration for your next tattoo piece on these Hong Kong based tattoo artists’ Instagram accounts.


Photo courtesy of @nathalie.talii

Nathalie Tali

Nathalie’s work often centres around geometric patterns, symbols, and natural elements. Think tree roots, dark holes, solar systems, and everything beyond the horizon. Her alluring designs are etched with black ink and the occasional pop of red and orange tones. If you like minimalistic dark themes, Nathalie is your girl.

Photo courtesy of @iconoglyphs

Rich Phipson

Rich Phipson isn’t only just a mainstay of one of Hong Kong’s coolest tattoo parlours, Star Crossed Tattoos, he’s also a pro at creating playful designs with bold black lines you literally won’t find anywhere else in town. His work regularly features fierce animals or ancient gods, like the tattoo of Odin shown on the picture above.

Photo courtesy of @mini_tattooer

Mini Lau

Cute Korean-style watercolour tattoos are trending in Hong Kong these days, and if that’s what you’re into, Mini Lau is one of the best in Hong Kong. Lau has mastered the difficult balance of faint, almost whimsical tattoos and intricate detailing. Her dainty pieces are loaded with soft colours, fine lines, and realism. Whether you want classic flowers on your collarbone, or an Iron Man blasting through your arm, Lau does it all.

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Photo courtesy of @jimmyhotattoo

Jimmy Ho

While he may not have the most aesthetic Instagram feed, Jimmy Ho is a tattoo legend in Hong Kong. Ho’s 40-year long career has seen him ink countless gangsters, soldier, and film stars from all over the world. Even now in his sixties, Ho remains one of the coolest and most forward-­thinking tattooists in Hong Kong. The tattoo legend’s Instagram page is littered with his traditional Chinese and Japanese pattern tattoo work, as well as throwback photos from the past, giving us a glimpse into Hong Kong’s tattoo culture through the ages.

Photo courtesy of @mirmandainks


Minimalism is dominating mainstream tattoo designs these days, and if you’re a fan of celebrity minimalistic tattooists such as Dr Woo, Bang Bang NYC, and JonBoy, you have to give Mirmanda’s instagram a follow. Her mesmerising brand of sharp, clean lines peppered with surrealism, as well as attention to detail, is pretty darn staggering.

Photo courtesy of @gagama


Magaga specialises in delicate lines and ink that seems to float right above the flesh. Her instagram page is filled with plenty of minimalistic line-work and sketchy designs such as the one above. Her designs are primarily black-ink linework, but she also adds bold washes of colour if the designs call for it. What’s more, Magaga’s work isn’t just pretty—each piece specially designed and holds a deep meaning and personal story for her clients.

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