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Photo courtesy of Albert Dros

Hong Kong Street Life

He first captured our attention with his beautiful shots of Hong Kong’s diverse and stunning landscapes, but when the weather turned against him during his return visit to the city, budding photographer Albert Dros decided to take to the streets and turn his lens towards its people.

Contributed by: Albert DrosI recently came back to Hong Kong to visit my friends, have a holiday, and take some photos. This time I was only there for two weeks. It was cold! I don’t think it was ever this cold in the period that I actually lived there so I was quite surprised. The weather wasn’t great, there was a lot of haze and smog and I couldn’t do that much landscape photography so I figured I’d do something else, street photography.

Now, I am not that experienced in street photography. It’s a learning experience, but Hong Kong is absolutely great for it as there is so much to see on the streets. Lots of interesting people and lighting conditions. I used two cameras, the Panasonic GH4 with 25mm F1.2 Lumix/Leica lens and the Sony A7 II with 55mm f1.8 Zeiss. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The greatest advantage of the GH4 compared to the A7 II for street photography was the silent shutter, so I could easily take shots without anyone noticing. The A7 II’s overall quality was better, but people obviously heard the shutter sound.

When I went out on to the street, I just randomly walked through the city. In a place like Hong Kong there is so much to see, a short walk from Sham Shui Po to Ladies Market brought me through second hand markets, fruit markets, meat markets, and all kinds of shops like metal working and random goods, etc. You don’t have to try your best to find interesting people.

This time, my goal was to capture everyday things and people’s everyday lives. In general, when capturing people in Hong Kong, I found that they don’t really care. There are probably lots of ‘tourists’ like me and most people are used to it. I sometimes just stood in front of them with no shame and they usually just gave me a smile and continued with what they were doing.

to walk or to bike
Photo courtesy of Albert Dros

I always try to capture interesting lighting conditions such as shooting at night or in the rain but unfortunately, there was no rain during my visit so I’ll focus more on that next time. I’m still learning about street photography and will continue to try to improve. This series was about showing the daily lives of people in Hong Kong. My next series will aim at a more scenic style with light, night, and rainy conditions.

Thank you for watching!

Chick here to see more of Albert’s stunning photography.

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