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Hong Kong Launches First Selfie Themed Park

Ani-Com Park opens (29.4.2016)

If trips up to the Peak or the Big Buddha are becoming a bit passé when you have visitors in town, then you might be pleased to know that Hong Kong has welcomed its latest tourist attraction in the form of a brand new selfie themed park.

Ani-Com Park@Harbour”FUN” opened its doors on April 29, inviting visitors to pose for the perfect pic alongside 30 life-sized sculptures of classic local ani-com characters that reflect Hong Kong’s culture and way of life.

Located in an open space near Wan Chai’s Golden Bauhinia Square, the park aims to promote local tourism and creative industries by providing a new hot spot for tourists, as well as a chance for locals to recall their comic book memories from childhood.

Famous characters on display include Master Q, Wang Xiao-hu, Panda-a-Panda, and Ding Ding Penguin, and visitors are encouraged to share their selfies on social media to help promote the park.

Fancy hanging out with the almighty Old Master Q?

The park will link up with other cultural and creative hot spots in the area, as well as Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui, to create an ani-com hub across Victoria Harbour.

We’re pretty sure that with our city’s love for selfies, this new attraction will be a hit – so grab your camera and meet the new stars of Hong Kong. The park will be open for three years until May 2019, so you have plenty of time to get the perfect shot!

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