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VIDEO: HK URBEX Return With Spine Tingling Video of Abandoned Refugee Prison

HK URBEX: Abandoned refugee prison – ‘The Rock’

It’s been a while since we last heard from HK URBEX, the secretive team of filmmakers who rose to local fame by documenting their risky expeditions to various hidden locations in Hong Kong.

But now the anonymous crew (who go by such code names as Dragon Xing, Pripyat, Jenkins, Ghost, Desperado, and Echo Delta) are back with a brand new video that is sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

Setting out with one purpose only – to show us another side of Hong Kong that is “untouched and exists outside the ugly hand of commercialism” – they are now taking us inside an old abandoned refugee camp in a top secret location.

Empty cells, smashed up sinks, abandoned typewriters, and CONFIDENTIAL papers left scattered on shelves – we can’t even begin to imagine what went on in this place!

We won’t go into any more detail here, because this incredible video speaks for itself (quite literally). We will, however, leave you with the video’s spine tingling tagline …

Prepare to be strip searched and have your belongings taken away. Welcome, prisoner, to ‘The Rock’.

Read more! Check out our previous interview with HK URBEX, and discover The Shocking Truth About Hong Kong’s Refugees. You can keep track of HK URBEX and their expeditions through their Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, or Instagram.

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