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Your Guide to the History of Hong Kong Cinema

Calling all film buffs! Hollywood and Paris might be considered the ‘film capitals of the world’, but Hong Kong has made substantial contributions to the world’s film industry, and this fabulous new infographic from global travel blog HotelClub reminds us.

From distinctive genres like Wire-Fu and Urban Comedy Action, to iconic actors such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, Hong Kong really has given birth to some big screen legends. Even today Hong Kong continues to take its film seriously, and last year alone held more film festivals and released more foreign films than Paris.

In celebration of Hong Kong’s rich cinematic history, we cast our eyes back to 1896 – where it all began for Hong Kong cinema –  and take a look at the city’s one-of-a-kind film industry. Lights, Camera, Action!

Film in Hong Kong Infographic

Find out more! Delve a little deeper into the history of Hong Kong cinema and visit the Memorable Bruce Lee Collectors’ exhibition, but don’t be fooled by this shameless publicity stunt involving the movie legend and some serious ping pong Kung Fu moves.

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