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Hilarious Adverts Show Hong Kong in 2040

We certainly didn’t see this coming, but Manulife has given us a hilarious look into the future with their latest 2040 campaign. The three adverts below show Hong Kongers what their cramped, vacationless futures will look like if they do not properly plan for retirement. A flat split into five units, holidays without leaving your living room, and visiting your parents at the hospital may be more enjoyable (depending on if you really want to see them).

The Tiny Flats video though might fit better with a 2020 campaign!

Check out more predictions from Manulife including the $68 orange and 5ml espressos for middle class coffee lovers. Whoever created this campaign deserves a raise!

Tiny Flats

Your Dream Holiday!

Four Level Bunks. The answer to hospital queues?

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