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Headline of the Week: Popular Tourist Attraction Avenue of Stars Finally Reopens!

Another day, another series of nauseating news. We get it, it’s difficult to keep up with all the information out there. Sometimes you watch the news and it feels like the world is spiralling out of control (kind of like a bad hangover) and you end up walking away from the TV with a banging headache. In the spirit of public enlightenment, we bring you our weekly fun news column, where we give you the craziest international, national, or local headline from the past week — that you have likely overlooked.

After going under more than three years of renovation, the Avenue of Stars will finally be ready for the public! Set to reopen at the end of January, the popular tourist attraction on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront will now also feature new technology and selfie-friendly displays.

Beloved statues of Hong Kong Films’ favourites such as Bruce Lee, Anita Mui, and cartoon character McDull, will no longer be behind barriers, while different hand prints of famous movie stars, which were previously on the pavement, will now be mounted on wooden handrails, making it easier for fans to capture our city’s beautiful Victoria Harbour in the background of some much needed selfies.

In addition to the current 107 handprints, five more famous movie star handprints will also be added to the collection, with the names of the stars yet to be revealed. That’s not all, the Avenue of Stars’ new open plan design will feature QR codes that fans can scan to learn all about the star, as well as augmented reality technology that will allow you to interact with your favourite movie legends. After much anticipation, this newly renovated harbourside attraction will no doubt bring on a wave of tourists and movie buffs alike, so don’t miss out on your chance to check it out!

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