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VIDEO: Have You Lost Yourself?

It’s been said time and time again that Hong Kong is a city of organised chaos, but nothing shows it more than this stunning new video by French film maker Clement Boghossian.

Skipping from district to district, with parts shot in slow motion, the clip captures a world of contradiction within our city, from nature to metropolis, old to new, and calm to chaos, which makes it all the more unique.

“What makes Hong Kong so special is all of the contrasts, such as the collision between the old and the new generation,” Boghossian tells us.

“Your vision of the city even changes depending on where you view it from, whether you’re high up in a tall building or down below on the streets in a sea of people. I love these two conflicting viewpoints, they help to show the organised chaos in a city where everything happens so fast. I understand how people can lose themselves here.”

Good job we have Google Maps then!

Click here to visit Boghossian’s Facebook page.

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