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Graffiti for Grandmas – Yarn Bombing hits Hong Kong

While the largely undervalued art of knitting screams “Grandma” to many, a decidedly young and fun Hong Kong artist is hoping to change this stereotypical association by putting a unique twist on an otherwise fuddy duddy pastime. Introducing the latest trend in Hong Kong street art – yarn bombing!

Esther Poon has received plenty of attention in the Hong Kong media as of late for her distinctive knitted public art offerings. Many of her street-cosies are season-specific, for example featuring Santas for Christmas and, most recently, tangerines for Chinese New Year.

The talented knitter’s colourful creations have been popping up all around the city, on railings, street signs and even fire hydrants; although we’re not sure if the latter would be too welcome in the event of an actual fire – scissors at the ready!

Inspired? Head over to Localiiz favourite Fabric Art and take some lessons in crafty sewing and all things creative!

Unfortunately for Esther and Hong Kong as a whole however, a bunch of her woolen wonders have been stolen recently. We know her work is cute, but let’s support local artists and not be selfish. The whole of Hong Kong should feel a rosy glow from these heartwarming designs!


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