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Get Ready to Tackle a Suit for a 7s Ticket


The Rugby Sevens are one of the most hotly anticipated events on Hong Kong’s calendar. With the costumes, drinking and….oh yeah the rugby, what’s not to love? It’s no surprise therefore that tickets always disappear in a flash, but unfortunately for 2014 hopefuls, the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union (HKRFU) is releasing even fewer to the public than last year.

A total of 3,000 weekend tickets will be made available via the public ballot, compared to 4,000 last year. To ensure “widespread” distribution however, the HKRFU are now selling individual day tickets, which technically creates up to 9,000 opportunities. Do the math.

With a 40,000 capacity stadium, it seems a little on the mean side to allocate even fewer tickets to public fans. Trevor Gregory, chairman of the HKRFU, had this to say for himself:

“With the increasing growth in numbers in Hong Kong Rugby and demand far outstripping the capacity of our stadium, an increased allocation of tickets has again been provided to members of local rugby clubs and HKRFU stakeholders, with an accompanying reduction in the number of tickets for public sale.”

If there’s anything good about this, it’s sure going to encourage more people to take up rugby. Perhaps it’s time we storm some corporate offices and tackle the suits to get our hands on their tickets – in true rugby spirit! Either that or we could try to push up the Stadium’s capacity limit. Hong Kongers are true experts in squishing too many people into tight spaces (as seen daily on the MTR).

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