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Get Junk One Last Time!

Benjamin Hadfield

Junk season may be coming to an end, but with the sun still shining, there’s no excuse not to enjoy one last party at sea. So we say grab your noodles, take some tips from Ben Hadfield, co-founder of local start-up Junks.hk, and end the season with a splash!

With more and more options for junkies than ever before, I may even hazard to say that the concept of a sponsored Floatilla is becoming less relevant, such is the ease of creating something similar for yourself – and avoiding their 20 percent markup!

Companies such as JunkJunkies are bringing large scale inflatables to the consumer so you are no longer limited to pool noodles, and you can easily lay down some dope beats in the form of DJs such as the Kiwi Krew. Just make sure you check your boat operator can handle these before you put down your deposit!

More blue skies forecast ahead!

Another area of significant improvement this year is in catering. Once hamstrung by the limited option of no-name caterers, or being charged an arm and a leg for the all-inclusive packages, you are now able to order decent food from the restaurants you love from around town. So say goodbye to day-old fried rice & curry fish balls and hello to quesadillas, pizza & other goodies! The same goes for beverages, thanks to providers like Americraft and the HK Liquor Store, who can deliver fine craft beer and unique top shelf liquor directly to the pier, saving you money and time.

When it comes to selecting your destination, we would always suggest not to be overly ambitious! You may want to go to some secluded far away paradise, but put your ego to one side and contemplate this: the fun of being on a junk is hanging out, having a swim, eating, drinking, and general merriment. Being aggressive and heading out to Tai Long Wan from Central means less of these times and more of the bumpy trip out there that may inadvertently ruin a few of your friend’s days!

150714 - JunkArticle - Attr Junkshk
You can’t beat Tai Long Wan for raw beauty, but be ready for more than 4 hours travel time to get out there!

With all the improvements to junking in 2015, some things have not changed with the times. You still need to drink plenty of water and put on plenty of sunscreen, and if you are booking a junk you will still need to put your A into G and be ready to deal with the less exciting task of organising the junk, food, beverage, and their friends independently.

At Junks.hk we’re working to fix this through our online marketplace so come check us out! You can book a junk, add great food & drink, and (coming soon) you can even host tickets for your junk as well, making the whole process of booking and organising a boat party as carefree as the boat party itself!

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