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Ode To The Temples!

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Proof That Hong Kongers Win The Vanity Plate Game
May 5th 2014: The competition of having the best vanity plate on the road is something that rich people all over the world have dabbled with for many, many years. From a city where wealth is in abundance, and where license plates are of a much larger font size, it’s clear that Hong Kongers have a significant advantage.


Panoramic City: Photographer Creates Interactive 360° Experience of Hong Kong
May 2nd 2014: With the panoramic function being a staple on iPhones and Androids alike, almost anyone can now take panoramic pictures. But not everyone can do it quite as well as self-taught Hong Kong photography enthusiast Wong Chi Chuen, who we stumbled across on 360 Cities, a website that acts like a fancy high-def Google Street View.


Des Voeux For You? Inviting Proposal Pictures for a Green Haven in Central
May 5th 2014: Can you imagine seeing Hong Kong’s bustling Des Voeux Road turned into a lush, green traffic-free zone, where we would hear birds chirping instead of taxis honking? Well that could one day be the reality if a team of creative visionaries gets its way.


Gloom in Bloom: Video Romanticises the Dark Side of Hong Kong
May 5th 2014: Dreading the wet and rainy week ahead of us? Here’s a video that might just make you appreciate dark days in Hong Kong. Forget the cliché sunshiny and ‘City of Lights’ films and welcome videographer Maison Carnot’s two-day take of the more realistic side of our city.


Blasts From The Past: Vintage Hong Kong Tourism Posters
April 29th 2014: Hong Kong’s streets are always flooded with tourists. And who blames them for coming? Our city is a great one that leaves visitors with unforgettable memories. But how different was Hong Kong for a tourist in the 1950s, compared to the city that we know now?


Wee Wars: Mock Video Satirises Hong Kong’s Mainlander Peeing Incident
April 29th 2014: The debate over the mainland toddler peeing in a Hong Kong street has been raging all week. As calls continue for mainland tourists to protest against the Hong Kong reaction with public defecation on Thursday (May 1st), we encourage all to keep their pants on see the lighter side of ‘Wee-Gate’ with this kooky mock video game.


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