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An Admiral in Admiralty!

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The Funniest DIY Costume Ideas
March 18th 2014: Creative and hilarious Anucha Saengchart from Thailand has thought up some brilliant DIY costume ideas, all made from cheap household objects. His Facebook Page Low Cost Cosplay has received a ton of attention with over 100,000 likes, featuring submissions from other costume creatives out there.


Tramarama! – Hong Kong’s Tram Evolution
March 10th 2014: Hong Kong’s Tram system is one of the oldest and most iconic transportation systems within our cities history. Thus, it is expected that our trams have gone through a couple of face-lifts over time. Thanks to a wonderful post on Gwulo.com, we’re able to take a look at just how much trams have evolved over time.


A Hilariously Accurate Depiction of Admiralty Station at Rush Hour
March 5th 2014: Are you one of the many unlucky souls whose work commute involves the Admiralty MTR station? The popular Facebook page Hong Kong Memes posted this great graphic on their page, credited to Tyler Faust.


The Beauty in Hong Kong’s Urban Architecture
March 3rd 2014: Hong Kong has proven to be the perfect muse for photographers around the world. We’ve stumbled across the work of Gabor Erdelyi from Hungary, and his photographic project titled ‘Urban Lines.’ His project features the architecture of our very own Hong Kong from his visit to the fragrant harbour in 2010.


The Selfie Generation – Animated Video Warning About Self Obsession
February 28th 2014: Everyone takes selfies nowadays. Mobile Phone companies have developed front facing cameras just for selfie purposes. Turn to the person next to you at a restaurant and they’re probably taking a selfie. Take a look on instagram? Selfie central. We live in the selfie generation and no ones ashamed to admit it! Until now.


Lost In Translation: Hilarious Chinese to English Translation Mistakes
February 20th 2014: Is there anything better than spotting a hilarious translation fail? We’ve found ten belly laughter inducing Chinese to English translation mistakes that’ll definitely help to brighten your day!


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