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Show Us Your Tats! Hong Kong Photographer on the Hunt for Inked Up Femmes
April 4th 2014: Many Hong Kongers donning tattoos tend to keep them under wraps, perhaps due to their jobs or the deeper cultural association between tattoos and the triads. Either way, it’s clear that there are still some negative connotations when it comes to body art – feelings that are only enflamed further when it comes to women who choose to ink up.


Hey Doll – Artists use Barbies to Present Women’s Immortality
April 3rd 2014: Artistic sibling duo Phil Akashi and Caroline Notté have come together to bring Hong Kong the wonderfully original ‘Kill Biie, Doll Never Dies’ exhibition. Using the iconic Barbie, the pair, known as Akashi-Notté, push limits with their art by placing the dolls in dramatically ‘unladylike’ scenarios in a bid to present them as “superwomen”.


Boxed In: Feeling Small on an Eye-Opening Tour of Hong Kong’s Container Port
April 3rd 2014: Despite dropping from the top spot to the world’s third-busiest port in 2004, Hong Kong’s container port – with 8,500 metres of frontage and a total handling capacity of more than 23 million units per year – is still a presence of gargantuan proportions. We join Hong Kong Yachting on a tour of the Kwai Tsing Terminals and the Rambler Channel.


The Other Side of Hong Kong – Jeffrey Poon’s Hong Kong Naturescapes
April 2nd 2014: Local and self-taught photographer Jeffrey Poon has gained attention in the Hong Kong community with his unconventional pictures of our city. Instead of focusing only on photographing only the typical city landscape and skyline, Jeffrey ventures out around our vast but small home and captures the beauty of Hong Kong’s nature.


Kai Tak Heyday – Photographs of Hong Kong’s Old Airport
March 31st 2014: If there was one thing that added to the allure of flying to and from Hong Kong between 1928 to 1988, it was landing and taking off from Kai Tak Airport. It was an experience unlike any other for both pilot and passengers, as huge commercial planes dipped below the cloud line to find themselves completely surrounded by high rises.


Always On – The Timeline of Neon Signs in Hong Kong
March 31st 2014: Neon signs are an integral part of the iconic make up of our city. But as their numbers dwindle under accusations of tackiness and the Buildings Department’s Validation Scheme for Unauthorised Signboards, they could soon cease to be a staple part of Hong Kong’s cityscape.


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