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First Time Movie Maker Shows Raw Talent

Here at Localiiz we love to encourage people to get creative and celebrate their talents, whether they have mastered their skills or are just starting out. That is why we love this raw video from first time movie maker Gloria Ip who explored Hong Kong with her Nikon D7100 during her visit to the city.

“I spent last winter in Hong Kong with my parents exploring around, and we tried looking for some cool hidden spots that are not so popular,” she tells Localiiz. “My first ever video production can definitely use a lot of feedback and changes. Yes, it’s shaky, so I need to learn how to use my tripod properly and yes, some of the effects are too much, but I wanted a zoom in and fade in immediately type of effect. Anyway, videography is so much fun and I will probably get into it more when I find time.”

We certainly think it shows a lot of potential Gloria!

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