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Feeling Racy? – Calling All Hong Kong Suits for the 24-Hour Pedal Kart Grand Prix 2014

June 13th 2014

Are you a monster behind the wheel? Are you a Mario Kart master? Turn your vices into victory while bonding with workmates at Hong Kong’s 24 Hour Pedal Kart Grand Prix 2014!

The annual 24-hour Pedal Kart Grand Prix, which has been Hong Kong’s answer to Wacky Races for 25 years, is appealing to companies, universities, schools and organisations to snap up the last remaining spots in this year’s pedal-powered competition. Applications will be accepted until the end of June, so sign up now if you think you and your buddies have the knees and the nerve for it!

You’ll also have the option to build or customise your own team kart, but the pressure is on if you want to top efforts from previous years, which include elephants, aeroplanes and an entire Noah’s Ark! Don’t go too nuts however, as originally designed karts must follow these specifications to compete.

Organised by the Hong Kong Round Table, the race will take place on November 22nd and 23rd in Victoria Park. Entry for corporate teams costs HK$8,000 for the first team and HK$6,000 for subsequent karts. Educational institutions and charities will be charged HK$4,500 for the first team and HK$3,000 for subsequent karts. All proceeds will be donated to charity.

Entry forms and fees must be sent to gordonhmarsden@gmail.com and hkpedalkart@gmail.com, or mailed to Gordon Marsden, c/o DTZ, 16 Floor, Jardine House, Central, Hong Kong, by the end of June.

Time and speed are both of the essence!

What: Pedal Kart Grand Prix 2014
Where: Victoria Park
When: November 22nd and 23rd 2014 – Parade at 12 Noon, Starter’s Gun at 1pm Saturday, Finishing Flag at 1pm Sunday

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