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Sun rising over clouds and mountains in Lantau

Escape with Mother Nature in Hong Kong

There are times when we’d all like to escape the manic metropolis of Hong Kong and get back in touch with Mother Nature. Well, that’s exactly what video maker Thomas Wong did when he ventured to Lantau to capture over 100,000 shots of the wild and beautiful landscapes to create his stunning time-lapse.

“I am a wild boy, because I grew up in a small village. In the past few years, I began to pick up my camera, a Canon 6D, and bring these beautiful landscapes to everyone in Hong Kong,” Wong tells us. “This film took three years to make because some of the amazing views are difficult to shoot, so I kept going back to the mountain on Lantau island to collect all the scenes for the time-lapse. I can assure you it is not possible to shoot this movie in a few days.

“Lantau island is where I find my photographic enlightenment and I often climb the Lantau Peak and the Sunset Peak to capture the sunrise. In my eyes, Lantau island is really like a mother, silently watching over every single life on the island. I wanted to find a way to express this beauty so I started to shoot the time-lapse.”

Sitting high above the clouds, with not another soul in sight, it’s easy to forget the millions of people that live below. So the next time you feel like breaking away and clearing your head, don’t forget that Mother Nature is right on your doorstep and she’s waiting for a visit.

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