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Disneyland or Ocean Park: Which is Better?

Disneyland or Ocean Park, that is the question! If you’ve got kids, then chances are you’ve ventured to one of the two main theme parks in Hong Kong for a day of fun and adventure. But if you haven’t, then choosing between them can be a tough. To help you make the decision, we sent our mini reporter, five-year-old Stella, to review the rides. Over to you little one …

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 Hong Kong Disneyland

Favourite Rides: Iron Man, It’s a Small World, and Jungle River Cruise
Scariest Ride: Also Iron Man
Stella’s Rating: Can we live here? PLEEEEAAAASE!

Check out the full list of Disneyland attractions here

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Favourite Rides: The Carousel (also the world’s shortest ride ever!)
Slowest Ride Ever:
Toto the Loco
Stella’s Rating: This day was pretty perfect!

Check out the full list of Ocean Park attractions here

Find more videos of Stella and her family on YouTube.

More about Stella
Vivacious, fun-loving and witty, five-year old Stella has a knack for entertaining. When she’s not dancing or doing cartwheels, you can find her vlogging or doing tutorials on YouTube, designing clothes for her toys, or lovin’ on both her big and little brothers.

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