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Thumb Thimble

Posted 10 March 2020


1/F, 35B Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
+852 91693398

Thumb Thimble, also known as Chung Hing Tailor, is a bespoke tailor founded in 1958 that still uses the traditional hand sewing method to make full canvas suits to produce the structure of the jacket. Over the years, the house sticks with the tradition to cut and sew the suits on-site. Thus, the shop stages a rarely seen scene of tailors plying their needles in Hong Kong. In-house production is key to achieve quality and consistency. More importantly, customers are always talking to their cutters and tailors so as to achieve the best results.

In contrary to most thimbles that are worn on the middle finger, a thumb thimble is designed to be worn on the thumb as the name suggests. Its origin is unknown but thumb thimbles were widely used by Cantonese tailors in the old days. It works best to sew the fabrics laid flat. As we have fewer tailors in Hong Kong, Thumb Thimble is probably the only place that you can still see someone using a thumb thimble.