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The Warwick Hotel

Posted 21 May 2020

Located right next to the Tung Wan Beach on Cheung Chau island, The Warwick Hotel is the perfect getaway from the hectic city life.

Visitors can enjoy their exotic stay with a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean and serene nature.

Only a 30-minute ferry ride to the Central business district and a 5-minute walking distance from the Cheung Chau ferry Pier (No. 5), the Hotel is a convenient location for vocational stays and business trips to Hong Kong.

Guests can also take the opportunity to explore the laid back island with its hiking trails, sandy beaches and authentic food.

The Warwick Hotel offers a variety of rooms, each with a simplistic design, and a relaxing environment to the guests.
Our unique ocean inspired themed rooms are well-liked by our guests as they provide a fun and authentic seaside stay.
Guests can enjoy their morning breakfast accompanied by a spectacular view from their room’s balcony.

The Hotel has facilities where guests can further extend their island adventures.
Located on the 1/F at the back of the hotel, a swimming pool overlooking the ocean offers guests a relaxing swim after taking a dip by the beach. 

For those who would like a more grounded experience, there are BBQ stoves besides the pool for room guests to use freely. 

During the day, visitors can be seated in our Lobby’s restaurant for some traditional dim sum or a leisurely afternoon tea.

Hidden behind the back stairs and doorway to the top floor is the Rooftop Lounge. With a beautifully painted wall and an overlooking view of the ocean, guests can watch the sunset over the horizon or gaze into the stars and night sky. Our second floor conference meeting room has open balconies and an uninterrupted view of the ocean, perfect for creative meetings and other private events. 

From shopping local stalls to tours around the island by boat, and water-sports activities, The Warwick Hotel ensures a comfortable stay and leaving guests feeling fully recharged and rejuvenated.